To root sustainability into organisations


Baltic Id is growth through partnership



Baltic Id was founded in 2006. The company's original mission was to combine the knowledge and experience of Baltic Id founders in corporate services. The company's performance and performance indicators ware focused on providing import and export transactions to partners in the Baltic and Scandinavia. The initial objectives extended the scope and involvement of the partners in public and private projects in selected sectors.

In addition to promoting cross-border trade, Baltic Id is actively engaged in science-based research and consultative work to improve policy and corporate governance. There is considerable experience in the provision of corporate communications and in the implementation of corporate social responsibility programmes. Since 2015, the company has been implementing pan-Baltic corporate communication services in cooperation with Baltic Id (Estonia) and Gravitas Partners (Lithuania).

There is a growing demand for Baltic Id experts to be involved:

development of investment projects and business management cooperation with strategic investors from the European Union and the US.

supporting dual-use orders and technology transfer to international customers.

Baltic Id experts call for the use of unique development opportunities for the Baltic Sea region: smart investment in more prospective sectors and sustainable management of available resources, responsible communication of changes in cooperation with each major audience.